MedTech Advisors Investing, Consulting & Recruiting for Emerging Technology Companies
MedTech Advisors Investing, Consulting & Recruitingfor Emerging Technology Companies


Connecting the right talent with the right fit in record time




Hands-on leadership of medical device and medical software businesses from start-up to IPO or acquisition




Passionate, energic devotion to pioneering  medical technology for over 30 years



MedTech Advisors

Access, Expertise and Focus


MedTech Advisors is an investing, consulting, and talent recruiting firm focused exclusively on emerging technology and software companies. 


We also provide CEO and other leadership services full-time as required for longer-term business transitions.



For over 30 years, Our consultants have invested in, led, staffed, and built medical technology companies from start-up to acquisition or IPO. Several of these technologies are now the standard of care for several medical procedures, worldwide.


Our consultants have extensive international start-up leadership experience with medical technology and software. We have experienced spectacular successes, disappointments, and technology failures.


Few other investing, consulting, and recruiting firms can offer you this hands-on leadership experience and the resultant wisdom. Our consultants are successful serial entrepreneurs who are available to assist you with capital, product refinement, product portfolio assessment and strategies, clinical trials, business development, marketing, sales, recruiting, leadership coaching, and management team assessment. We also can provide personal financial planning services for you and your team.


In addition to North America, we have extensive International experience including staffing and directly supervising start-up operations in France, the UK, Sweden, Germany, and Switzerland, as well as distribution partnerships in over thirty countries. 

MedTech Advisors provides interim CEO services,  business development consulting, and complete recruiting services for start-up to mid-sized medical technology and medical software businesses.


We know how to take your company to the next level, build a successful team, and locate the unique talent needed to make it happen. We will quickly earn the role of your trusted advisor.


We have offices in Sarasota, Florida, and Lexington, Kentucky.



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