MedTech Advisors Investing, Consulting & Recruiting for Emerging Technology Companies
MedTech Advisors Investing, Consulting & Recruitingfor Emerging Technology Companies

Recruiting Process

A disciplined and thorough process that begins and end with our client's needs


We work hard to find candidates that are not just qualified, but exceptional. Our multi-phased process is disciplined and thorough and designed to rapidly find candidates that will exceed your expectations.


Our 30 years of experience as founders and leaders of start-up companies gives us the instincts and know-how to quickly identifiy and recruit the right talent with the right fit for your culture.


As a trusted partner, we have non-disclosure agreements with all our clients to facilitate open and complete discussions.


As a company policy, we will never recruit for a client's competitors nor will we ever recruit a candidate from one of our clients to meet the needs of another client.

Six Steps:

  • Listen
    We interview key client staff to gain a thorough understanding of the position, the requirements, related staff and culture. Fully knowing the fit and culture is essential for long-term success for both client and candidate.
  • Plan
    We develope and share our search plan with the client.
  • Search
    We comb the marketplace for the best candidates in terms of knowledge, skills, experience and fit, often interviewing or evaluating as many as fifty candidates for every one we present to the client. As a result, we usually present only three candidates to the client.
  • Research
    We complete a thorough reference process that uses provided and independently sourced references.
  • Facilitate

We assist clients and candidates throughout the negotiation and hiring process to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Follow-up

After placement, we follow-up with client and new team member regularly to ensure long-term success. Our clients and former candidates are the sources for most of our business.


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We are excited to announce that Carolyn Howard has joined MedTech Advisors. Her financial planning expertise makes her an excellent addition to the team.


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