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New Partner Joins MedTech Advisors


Carolyn Howard, CFP President of SeaCure Advisors and founder of Pegaesus Advisors, has joined MedTech Advisors. Her extensive financial planning expertise makes her an excellent addition to the company.

Healthcare Product Porfolio Management and Strategies

Consultants at MedTech Advisors have over thirty years of experience in portfolio management of advanced healthcare products and services. These consultants are available on a full-time basis.


Strategic portfolio management is an organization's process for selecting, prioritizing, and controlling resources within its programs, projects, products, and initiatives to meet strategic goals and objectives. Strategic portfolio management reprioritizes tasks and continuously adapts and optimizes the values of projects, programs, assets, and /or product investments to align with an organization's strategic objectives. 


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We are excited to announce that Carolyn Howard has joined MedTech Advisors. Her financial planning expertise makes her an excellent addition to the team.


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